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Spend a day in the studio with Banter, as they record their debut EP with Mike Willson of MAPS.

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The Drum Excellence Trifecta.

Drums-first acoustics

The tracking room was professionally designed and built from the ground up for an uncompromised, pure drum sound.
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Drum-optimized gear

From the mics to the preamps, compressors & converters...all gear was carefully selected for the unique sound waves the skins & shells generate.
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Drum-lovin' production team 

You won't find a more experienced  drum production team for miles around. Their skills and accolades are well deserved, earned, & seasoned.
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Background Image

1. Professional, unique acoustic design for drums.

Acoustically designed by an architect/drummer.

Greg Guerin of Guerin Architecture was chosen to design the studio due to not only his professional expertise, but also his decades-long prowess as a hard-hitting drummer. His two passions are clearly evident in the sonic excellence of the acoustics. You can feel it when you walk into the room.

Feature Image
Feature Image

No parallel surfaces.

Sound waves bouncing back and forth between walls makes recordings sound amateur. The ArtiSans Label tracking room's unique shape and materials strategically redirect, shred, absorb, and diffuse sound waves specifically for drums.

Secret spaces for creative natural effects.

John Bonham's recording of "When the Levee Breaks" was made possible with a couple mics run down a stairwell. ArtiSans Label Studios engineers have tricks like this up their sleeve, making use of the entire facility to dial in the exact sound you desire. 

Secret Acoustics
Jimmy Hua

"The dimensions of the room and high ceiling really allows me to capture huge sounding drums with ease. It's definitely my primary choice for tracking drums."

— Jimmy Hua, Producer

Stevie D

"ArtiSans is definitely the best kept secret in the O.C."

— Stevie D., David Gilmour      

Austin Edwards

"It's the perfect space to get the best sound out of the drums. It doesn't cut your sound, while still keeping it tight for all around great tone!"

— Austin Edwards, Banter

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2. Gear collection is curated for maximum drums.

Ludwig Black Beauty Snare

The right hardware.

Just in case your kit isn't already stellar, we've got some solid stand-by's on hand for you:
- 60's Slingerland 12", 13", 16", 20"; 1956
- WFL 12", 13", 16", 22";
- Gretsch Catalina Birch 8", 10", 12", 14", 22".
- Ludwig Black Beauty Snare 14" x 6.5".
- Ludwig Classic Maple Snare 14" x 6.5".
- Ludwig Acrolite snare 14" x 5"; 
...and more.

The right mics.

Small diaphragm condensers. Matched ribbons. Vintage large diaphragms. Tube-powered.  Top names for drums like AKG, Shure, and Blue. Most importantly, hours and hours of A/B testing has gone in to selecting not just great mics, but the perfect mics & sweet spots.

Pro Tools HD3

The right preamps. The right compressors. All the inputs you want with Pro Tools HD3.

Sound waves from percussion instruments are very different than anything else. For example, compressors need to be able to catch the lightning-quick transients put out by a snare flam. And there need to be enough inputs with quality conversion for each mic. We've got you covered, and then some.

Roy Camello

"We we're totally blown away with how our music came alive."

— Roy Camello, Scavenger

Orlando Cazares

"I've never had a recording sound so powerful. The drums finally sound the way I've always envisioned."

— Orlando Cazares, Anna Vexa      


"They truly partner and collaborate with musicians to get that sound that an artist hears in their head captured onto a recording."

— Klevos

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3. Production team has deep experience.

Producer/Engineer Mike Willson is a career drummer.

Mike Willson is the drummer for Big Monsta and Gardeners Logic, a producer/engineer for MAPS (Music & Arts Production Studio), Technical Director for the Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts MMET Dept., and one hell of a great guy. His commitment to sonic excellence, and his integrity as caretaker of your music means he will always capture your kit's greatest potential.

FUN FACT: Mike has performed at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, where the Beatles got their start. 

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Kyle Griffin

Engineer Kyle Griffin has more experience recording at ArtiSans than anyone else.

He's got a bachelor's degree in audio engineering. He's Pro Tools certified. Most importantly, he has thousands and thousands of hours at the boards at ArtiSans Label Studios, and our artists LOVE this man. His passion for drum excellence has been present since the day the studio opened.

FUN FACT: Kyle and his family were majorly involved in studio construction...and their NSFW graffiti is hidden all over the inner walls.

Michael "MJ" Filson is your Artist Coordinator.

He's also the President & Founder of ArtiSans Label. And a songwriter, guitarist, audio engineer, producer, graphic/video/web designer, project manager, certified Excel expert, and hopeless coffee & scotch  junkie. He has a degree in music, is a voting member for the OC Music Awards and the Grammys, and would happily give up his NAMM badge for you.  Filson has spent 15+ hours a day helping fellow musicians for over a decade. 

FUN FACT: MJ's music degree thesis was a pro-artist, for-hire record company concept that eventually became ArtiSans Label.

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Stefan di Maria

"After all the producers and engineers I've worked with so far, you're easily the fastest and quickest to adapt to my methods."

— Stefan di Maria, Jack and Jack

Giana Nguyen

"Fans are commonly surprised at the high production quality. Five stars to this studio and the human beings within it."

— Giana Nguyen

Jeremy Cole

"ArtiSans Label is the most artist-friendly company I've ever encountered."

— Jeremy Cole, BandLab

Tracking Room

ArtiSans Label artists have earned 59 OC Music Awards nominations since 2008.

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